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Egyptologists generally hold that this ancient Egyptians invented a game that is for most respects like modern baseball. Ancient Egyptian scenes show a bat-and-ball game similar to the way baseball is played in America today. One ancient 'NBA scene' is shown with the Temple of Deir-el-Bahari, in southern Egypt. Pharaoh Thutmose III is shown holding a stick-like bat in a hand and a ball inside other. It is hard to believe that he's not preparing to hit that ball.

serdica timelapseIf you have any type of inquiries relating to where and how to use Serdica, you could call us at the webpage. But if the Bible doesn't explain the foundation of the various kinds of humans neither does Darwin's natural selection, just like that natural selection didn't create, and explain our dog breeds. Survival with the fittest didn't produce the French Poodle - we did that! But who (or what) created our diversity of breeds or races?

Understanding this small error in historical account tells us a huge story that spans thousands of years and takes us from your Middle East 12,000 years back into Ethiopia and then in the Sudan in Africa, then north into Egypt and rear on the Middle East in a 10,000 year period. The Jews or Juden that settled in the Middle East, some 2,000 in years past were actually Egyptians! They spoke Egyptian! The evolution with the Jewish (Juden) language begins in Egypt.

But the valley of the Eurotas River, the guts of ancient Lacedaemon, is certainly not barren! It is green and fertile and stunningly beautiful - like riches cupped in the hands with the gods. From the blooming oleander on the wild iris, the valley can be a garden. Orange orchards stretch as much as a person's eye is able to see, brazenly advertising the abundance of soil and sun and water. Most spectacular of all, the Eurotas valley is one of those few places on earth that provides the sensually stimulating sight of palm trees waving against a back-drop of snow-capped mountains.

These are words of wisdom, which show up in the first strategy book, in human history. The name on this book is "Sun-Zu". The book was written and published 2500 in years past, if not older. Historians state that ancient generals, "Sun-Mu" may be the author of the strategy book. Truth is unknown. We, residing in the modern world, can read his book as a result of an old king "Cao-Cao", who re-edited this book in 200BC, still 2250 in the past.